Michael Bull

Software Developer

Welcome to my personal website. I am a software developer, technology enthusiast, and gamer with interests towards computer programming, reverse engineering, and full-stack web development. This website serves as a platform for me to write blog posts, list my programming projects, provide links to interesting resources on the web, and list my academic articles. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

About Me

I started programming at the age of 14 and am currently working as a Software Developer in England. I mainly program in Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, and TypeScript, but also have experience with Bash, C, C++, C#, Haskell, MATLAB, PHP, Ruby, and x86 Assembly. I also operate and contribute to various open source projects, the majority of which can be found on my GitHub page. I also have a Keybase account to provide proof of ownership of my various accounts by associating them with my GPG key.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from De Montfort University in which I earned an overall mark of 82%, achieving the highest mark of all graduates on the course for the year of 2015 and passing with First Class Honours. My bachelor’s thesis, entitled “Design & Analysis of a Computer Game as an Educational Learning Aid”, is available for download as a PDF file, as well as many of my other articles from my time in academia.

About This Website

The back-end of this website is written in Java using Spring Boot as a web framework, Thymeleaf as a HTML5 templating engine, and Gradle as a build system. The front-end uses Sassy CSS for styling, TypeScript transpiled to ECMAScript 5 for site enhancements, npm for dependency management, and webpack as a module bundler.

The web-server is hosted on a Linode 2GB running Debian with nginx. Git is used for version control on a self-hosted Gogs repository.

Licensing information for third-party material used on this website can be found on the links page.