Michael Bull

Software developer & technology enthusiast with interests towards computer programming, reverse engineering, and full-stack web development.

About Me

I started programming at the age of 14 and currently work as a Software Developer at a startup in Cambridge, England. Professionally I program in Kotlin and TypeScript, often utilising tools such as Docker and Ansible, but have significant experience with a variety of languages and platforms. I lead and contribute to a variety of open-source projects, the majority of which can be found on my GitHub profile.

My academic qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from De Montfort University, in which I earned an overall mark of 82% achieving the highest mark of all graduates on the course for the year of 2015 and passing with First Class Honours.

Feel free to contact me via email.

About This Website

The webserver is written in Kotlin using Spring Boot. The frontend is written in TypeScript and Sass. Deployment to a 2GB Linode running Debian is automated using Ansible.