Aurelia Hacker News

A recreation of the Hacker News website written in TypeScript and built using Aurelia, with webpack as a module bundler.


A “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” editor built on React & Slate.


A lightweight TypeScript library for image and video zooming, as seen on Medium.


An optimizing and stacking tool for Scalable Vector Graphics, written in Java.

RuneScape API

Java implementation of the various REST APIs available for the popular MMORPG; RuneScape.

M2M to SMS

PHP platform to facilitate the transit of M2M messages over SOAP via the EE M2M Connect Service.

Student Progress Calculator

A student progress calculator written in Java using the MVC pattern.

C Dictionary Trie

A dictionary implementation that is written in C and backed by a prefix tree.


Automated moderation for VBulletin based forums using the VBulletin Mobile API.

KSCS Virtual Tour

As part of my A Level ICT qualification I undertook the development of a virtual tour project which aimed to provide my school with an interactive tour of the campus.